Ohio historical markers throughout Toledo speak to the remarkable events and institutions that shaped the community since its foundation. While the buildings (and the people and organizations who built them) may no longer be there, markers stand as reminders to current and future generations. This exhibit features Toledo historical markers through photos and interactive panoramic views allowing views to look around the spot. Included with this collection of monuments and descriptions is an essay written by Dr. Timothy Messer-Kruse: Toledo Historical Monuments and Markers


Recent changes to the site: the original Quicktime interractive panoramas created in 1997 are no longer accessible in current browsers; instead, efforts are underway to present the same view via Google Street View.  We appreciate your patience throughout this process.

Toledo History on Map - Explore Toledo history in geographical space

Lucas County Courthouse -

More details and photos on the Remarkable Ohio Website

William McKinley Memorial

Port Lawrence & Fort Industry, 1805

Spanish-American War Monument

The Blade

The Glass Capital

Toledo Government Center

Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo’s First High School & Toledo-Lucas County Public Library (image only)

Toledo’s Canals

Toledo’s First Hospital

The Toledo Zoo, Toledo’s Canals & The New Deal in Toledo

The University of Toledo - Scott Park

Vistula Historic District

Willys Overland - Jeep Plant

St. Lucas Lutheran Church (celebrating 130 years!)

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