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The layout of this virtual exhibition closely follows the narrative in the Exhibition Catalog. Starting with the front center and continuing in a clockwise direction, the cases contain exhibits and descriptive information.  Follow the links and linkable images in this virtual exhibition, and explore the related digital resources, professionally preserved archives and manuscript collections, and other resources of the University of Toledo Libraries.



INTRODUCTION.  By choosing the name “Toledo,” the founders of the city in 1837 seemed interested in promoting it as a place with an international focus. At the time, all things Spanish were in vogue, and the name may have been a way to make the new Toledo seem fashionable, trendy, and perhaps exotic.  [read the complete summary]



CHAPTER 1 - Toledo In the World: Toledo has experienced an influx of international influences from residents who traveled abroad, embraced the cultures they experienced, and brought back with them global ideas. These international influences of Toledo residents have shaped the city in many rich and significant ways.  [read the complete summary]

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CHAPTER 2 - Toledo Changes the World: Toledo’s global connections are about more than how the world impacted the city. Toledoans have also impacted the world through their personal actions and organizations they helped to create. Many of these efforts have focused on promoting peace and global understanding. While isolationism has historically been the predominate world view of Midwesterners, Toledo is perhaps unique in the way its citizens have viewed their responsibilities to the global community.  [read the complete summary]

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CHAPTER 3 - Toledoans in Foreign Wars: Foreign wars have impacted the lives of many Toledoans. Most studies of U.S. Involvement in wars abroad have concentrated on the causes and politics surrounding wars. It is easy to forget the impact of war on individuals soldiers. The firsthand accounts of soldiers from the Toledo area recorded in their journals, letters home, and keepsakes provide documentation of how these wars changed their lives, and impacted those at home.  [read the complete summary]

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CHAPTER 4 - Cultural Change through Cultural Exchange: Toledo has had a long history of cultural exchange organizations that have sought to foster greater international understanding and peace. In additional to formalized relationships with cities and regions, Toledo’s immigrant populations have done much to remember their heritage through organizations that celebrate their homelands.  [read the complete summary]

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CHAPTER 5 - Toledo Businesses and World Markets: While it took time for Toledo to develop a successful industrial base, once it did, it did not take long for the companies to develop international markets.  [read the complete summary]

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